We are Vursa Limited! Yep we said "Vursa" not versa. It is pronounced the same but ours is our own. We are here for one reason and one reason only and that is to inspire you to do something ambitious. Whether its just getting off the couch and away from the TV or building a fortune 500 taco shell company. We just want you to be happy and know that there is nothing holding you back but yourself. Anything is possible and we mean anything! Take a look at us for example. We started in 2010 out of our bedroom in Kentucky and since then we have sold items around the world and even opened up our own STORE in Cincinnati. All of that was accomplished with a little bit of ambition and hard work. 

Now we are even taking things to a new level! All of our items are on a TIMER and will DISAPPEAR FOREVER when the TIMER strikes 0 or when the item is sold out. Whichever comes first will be the end of that item. Sounds fun and exciting, right? Exactly! That is why we are here. 

Vursa Limited